Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Well, today is the day that I hear about RMH....again, not holding my breath but still...it would be NICE! Oh well, if it doesn't happen, back to the drawing board I go...

Speaking of scrapping...my mom has all these pictures from my great aunt that she wants to compile into a scrapbook....tomorrow. I am going to spend all day there, but I KNOW that it's going to take more than one day to get it done. Thing is, my great aunt is in her 90's...so I understand the push to finish it. I just don't like doing things half-baked. It's going to HAVE to be really simple. SO...if any of you out there in cyberland have a link to a heritage album that is simple yet really well done, I'd love to see it. There might even be a rak involved....;)

GUESS WHAT????? I get my camera! Whoo hooo! It's going to be a year's worth of presents all rolled into one but it's worth it! I'm still torn between the Nikkon and the Rebel...if I go for the Nikon d-50, I won't spend as much, but that new rebel.........*sigh*. I drool more over that thing than People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. What's a girl to do? I borrowed my neighbors digital camera for some projects (a sony) and I fell in love with the ease of plugging in and printing out. (The time lag on that thing about killed me though!) I can't wait...be prepared to be totally bombarded with pictures when I get it.

TTFN...and thanks for visiting!

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