Saturday, February 04, 2006

Home, Home on the rangeeeeee

Back from a BUSY week at CHA! Our booth had lots of people doing our make and takes, and I hope that eventually translates into orders! Reed and I had a blast spending so much time together and working side by side without the kiddos, though I missed them terribly.

Our booth was kiddie-corner from Gin X, so I loved seeing my good buddy Sherry, and getting to spend a little time with some others from her booth. Ginger is great, and Barb and Sam had me laughing. And that new gal...totally just spaced on her name, but she was awesome too.

Got to finally meet Scrappy Carol in person, she is just as nice irl as she is online. Also got to see Teri again...she is da bomb! Wish I knew her better, I get the feeling that we would get along well. Met Alissa and Cari with PBP, and of course Kristy was awesome as ever. Also briefly met Michelle who is on the dt with me at paper made memories...she's a doll! She posted a cute pic of the two of us over there...must get a copy!

Designer Dinner was fun but CRAZY! So many people in such a small space! There were people I wanted to meet but weaving my way through the crowd was near impossible. It was very well organized: props to the gals who took all the time to put it together!

Reed and I ate at Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel one night. If you like sushi and have cash to burn (muy expensive!) I recommend it! The food was FABULOUS and the service was AMAZING! I'll save up next time I'm going to Vegas, must go there again.

I didn't get to look at product much at CHA which was disappointing....but fortunately there are lots of pics online now with the new and exciting stuff. I LOVE 3 bugs in a rug...and so does everyone else. So much for my DT aspirations... ;)

I have to say: I visited one booth from a company I know of online (I lurk in their forums on occasion) and the gal there (pretty well known in the sb world) was just short of rude to me. It caught me off guard because she seems nice online. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt (it was the last day and I'm sure she was tired, ) but still, it's important to be nice to the little people. I actually had thought about ordering from her, but I've reconsidered. Lesson for today...

Anyway, I'm home, I'm tired and a good time was had by all. TTFN