Monday, November 21, 2005

Jumping on the blog wagon...

I fully realize that there's not that much so terribly interesting about ME...but this looks like fun anyway :). Where to begin?

Basic Facts:

Mom to 4
Pre-K teacher
Scrapper (wannabee)
Sci-Fi Fan
Avid Reader
Alternative music junkie
Singer and bell ringer (my geek quotient just rose even higher...)

Can't say too much has happened today. Still waiting for results....I'm in the final five of the top miner's contest at Rocky Mountain Hobbies, and looking at the other gals entries I know I'm sunk. I'm pretty good at doing decently consistent lo's, but I lack that elusive WOW factor. I'm excited for whomever gets the DT nod, but sad that I am once again "close but no cigar." They say it aint over until the fat lady sings, but I sang twice yesterday so it's about as over as it can get. :D

It all makes me wonder why I care so much about being "validated" in this way. Scrapbooking was originally concieved as a way to preserve photos and memories...but for me it feels like one big long road on the way to being "good enough." And, when I think I've finally got some thing good enough to be publishable, the styles change so fast that I'm "five minutes ago." Doesn't help much that I've made some good friends online who have had a lot of success this way. It sounds so hollow when they tell me something is "awesome," and then I look at their latest creation and realize how average I am. I know they are sincere...I am just being a twit is all.

I am so grateful to Heidi for taking a chance on an unknown and putting me on her DT. I think her site will really go places once people start catching on to her great kits. I hope I can do them justice. Here's a pic of the terrific kit I got to use this month. Check out the kits at

I'm rambling now, and the likelyhood that this will be read is minimal anyway. Kind of fun to whine when no one is listening. Ciao for now...


Corinnexxx said...

Hi there! love the kit! and hope for you that you win the contest!


Kristy said...

Hang in there sistah! I know how you feel about being "average", but know this, I honestly and truly think your work is spectacular.

I'm crossing my fingers for you for RMH!

Mer said...

Thanks gals! I'm feeling a little more chipper today about it all. Whatever happens, it's been an awesome learning experience. :)