Monday, November 28, 2005

Black friday, a migraine, and a new camera!

Dear hubby and I went out and did the Black Friday thing this year. Overall it was really disappointing! The sales just weren't all that exciting, (except maybe for a $400 laptop at WALMART...and you can't PAY me $400 to go there on Black Friday.) The sale I always look forward to the most is at Roberts (a local craft/scrap store.) This year? NADA! Nothing! NO super deals! I'm gonna write a letter....

After dh and I shopped, I went shopping at the outlet stores with sis. Got some great deals at the Old Navy Outlet, but by the time we were done I had a migraine in the making. Got home and went straight to bed. Didn't get to Mom's to work on heritage album. *sigh* Missed out on Thanksgiving leftovers!

Saturday we went to Inkley's and ORDERED MY CAMERA! 'Bout had a heartattack watching dh write a check out for $700 (which was a good deal for my digital SLR). I kept trying to talk myself out of it, but dh was determined. (He's a sucker for a bargain.) Anyway, they were out of stock but it will be here Thursday. Now, how to tell the children Santa's not coming this year....(LOL...just kidding!)

What did you think about the sales? Good, bad, uninteresting?


Heidi said...

Well I for one have stopped going out on Black Friday. It just isn't worth the headache and I have noticed that every year it seems the sales are less appealing. Sorry about the migraine. That is so exciting you bought your SLR. You are going to love it!!

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