Thursday, March 23, 2006

My broken blog got fixed :D

Huge hugs and thanks to Dawn from 2peas for helping me put my blog back together! She spent her valuable time helping a total stranger (I emailed her because of her "queen of blogger html" pea title.) Just goes to show that there still are really nice people in the world (something I tend to forget when I am driving.)

I am so BUMMED! My 2nd fave kit club (the first being Paper Made Memories, of course!) had a dt contest and I didn't know about it. I order stuff from them all the time and am very blue that I missed this. It looks like they may do it again in October...I must keep my eyes peeled!

To enter or not....I fell in love with 3 Bugs in a Rug paper, and actually got 2 kit clubs to order from them (and may have indirectly influenced a third.) I want to be on that DT sooooo badly, BUT, so does every-stinkin-body else. Maybe I have what they want? Still, I don't really LOVE rejection that much. LOL! And really, they can have a totally top notch, famous, all HOF team if they so choose. So....I'm still thinking about it.

Sonburn is going to have new stuff for summer cha, so I hear! Whoopee! I am excited to get to play with some new stuff. Sounds like DH and I will get to go to Chicago...a first for both of us! Crossing my fingers...