Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tofurkey, anyone?

(That word is seriously fun to say.) I really want to know if anyone has tried this...anyone who also remembers what the real thing tastes like. It's just too bizzarre a concept for me to wrap my brain around.

So...going to Mom's today for Thanksgiving dinner. I am in charge of the PEAS and the JELLO. I'm going to try to make this strange raspberry/pretzel/cream cheese thing I had once. Only problem is, apparently that is the JELLO concoction of choice here in the JELLO capital of the world because dear hubby is out and about desperately trying to find frozen raspberries. No luck at Smith's or Albertsons. I just sent him to Wild Oats...perhaps there are some frozen raspberries next to the Tofurkey. No lectures about last minute please. I only knew I was bringing the JELLO two days ago. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In other news, we are probably going to see a movie with the kids today. I really want to see Harry Potter, but I'm concerned that it will be too much for the younger three kids, and my oldest DD is with her aunt. I'm not sure I can sit through Chicken Little and keep my sanity. Generally speaking, I'm alright with the animation thing, but Madagascar seriously pushed the limits of my patience and to me Chicken Little looks about the same. Sigh...the things I'll do for these kids....

I've discovered doing heritage pages is HARD! I want them to be elaborate and shabby and have lots of cool stuff...but the fact is we don't have the time or the supplies. The results are certainly better than the magnetic album the photos were in previously, but it leaves me unsatisfied and strangely afraid that someone will see it and I'll have to explain myself. "I would have done this and this and this, but we didn't have time..." or "This looks NOTHING like what I normally do!" Weird. And the results are nothing like my current style or ability. I'm finding that I don't enjoy scrapping just to needs to be "good" meaning "publishable" or at least something I won't be afraid to post in my gallery. Sheesh...when did I get so anal?

Have some tofurkey on me!

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