Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm baaack....

Sorry for the delay in posting....tis the season :)

Collette! You are my blog challeng winner! We should totally go do lunch anyway...email me and we'll discuss.


Right now my fingers are so cold that I'm having a hard time typing. Thank the drafty windows in my cold old house. The mornings and evenings have been chilly but the afternoons haven't been too cold. The leaves on the neighbor's ginormous tree have fallen and my boys have dutifully raked them up after being promised large sums of money. Today we were at the movies and my boys wanted me to take them shopping so that they could spend their new windfall.

"Boys," I said, "don't you think it would be a good idea to save that money so you will have money to buy your family Christmas presents?"

"UHHHH!" exclaims son #2. "I had to do all that work to buy OTHER PEOPLE presents?"

I stopped in my tracks, took a good look at my small son, and said, "Your dad does that EVERY DAY."

The irony, however, was lost on my children as they walked gloomily to the car.


My baby girl has become Miss Manners.

At the movie today, I sat her next to older daughter, who said, "Aww, mom. I thought you were going to sit by me!"

I replied, "Well, I thought your sister would like to sit by both of us!"

Small sister looks at big sister and says, "I'm sorry I made you sad."


She's been apologizing a lot and saying things like "Yes, please!" and "No, thank you," and "Please don't show that belly button!" (When a Victoria's Secret commercial came on the air...LOL!)

It's so cute to see her learn these things, but it's also a reminder that she's growing up waay too fast. And, since she's my BABY, that also brings some sadness. My last little one in kindergarten. Right now we still spend a lot of time together. Next year, not so much.

I love my little bug. And I promise to keep my belly button covered.


AndreaLeigh said...

Aww, too cute! Sounds like you are raising some good kids.

Swirl Girl said...

They are sweeties. Compared to most of the other kids I've met - mine are too!

I love their logic sometimes.

The Sutton Family said...

I love hearing about your cute kids. And YES...I would love going to see Twilight witchu!! I'll call you after Thanksgiving and we'll plan! YAY!

becca watson said...

Your kids are way too cute!!

Lynette said...


Anna Lefler said...

So sweet! I know how you feel...my littlest is in 3rd grade. [sniff] What happened?!?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

:^) Anna

FAB SIX said...

Thanks Meridith! We should get together and do lunch. We also need to get the family together. Very soon!

Your kids are sooo cute.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Stampin' Meg said...

hahaha re: the belly button comment- they are a "no-no" at DS's school but the girls there break that rule all the time. I always grumble if I had a nickel for every navel that I saw on campus I'd be rich!!!

Andrea Amu said...

:)Ohhh poor kids... having to buy gifts for all that hard work...lol!

Kristy said...

Awww...I can't believe how cute she is. Love your stories!

Lisa said...

How cute is that! I loved seeing you at your store! We definately need to go to lunch again!

Tiffney Anderson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mer. We need more little girls who politely protect the belly button...too cute.
We can't wait to see you for Christmas. Maybe we can do a post holiday craft day? Good luck on your performance.

joybear said...

Awwwwwww what a sweetie!!!

Suzanne said...

awww...what cuties! it's amazing how fast they grow...i can remember when she was a wee little thing!

The Sutton Family said...

Where oh where has my Meridith gone? I miss you...