Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tags and an major award! (Also a blog giveaway for anyone who wants to play)

I lied. It's not major. But I love that quote from "A Christmas Story."

My bestest bud Kerri gave me my Major Award. And here she is.

(Be careful. It's frageelay. :D)

So, in accordance with the rules that go with winning a Major Award, I hereby pass this award to:

Amor (Her stories about her son make me laugh)

Collette (Who wins the award for still being my friend after 20 years)

Natalie (Who has to be the most creative person I know)

Shellie (Whom I wish lived much closer to so she could play with me ALL the time)

Teri (Who also lives way too far away....but always makes me smile when I get to see her.) to the tags:

Here's one that I missed back in October and found when I googled myself out of boredom! LOL!

In my blog surfing, I found another blogger who spells her name the SAME WAY I DO (no small feat) and also goes by "Mer." She tagged me back on October and somehow I missed it.

Five things that make me happy:

1. My family

2. Chocolate and Coke (Separately or together, it's all good.)

3. Scrapbook stores

4. Serenity (my favorite movie. "Shiny. Let's be bad guys.")

5. Books (loving Terry Pratchett right stinking funny!)

I was also tagged recently by Elizabeth to list

7 Facts about Moi

1. I have feet issues. I can't stand tight shoes or stuff touching my feet.

2. I have a very offbeat sense of humor that doesn't always translate well.

3. I sing, play the piano, and play handbells.

4. I have a high IQ. (or, as my dh probably thinks, a big head. :D )

5. I hate. hate. hate. country music.

6. I used to be fairly decent at shooting pool.

7. I like things to be done my way, but I hate being in charge of stuff. for the giveaway portion of our program: (and YOUR chance to win a Major Award...)

Tag yourself and post about it on your blog, then come back here and comment on this post. If you do one tag, your name goes in one time. If you do both, your name goes in two times. Name will be randomly drawn.

I give good prizes, (will be scrapbook related) although sometimes they take a month to arrive! The wait will be worth it though, I promise.'re it!


Lynette said...

dancing dancing dancing
have the twins here and we are
dancing to your blog

best music award from me as far as i care

FAB SIX said...

thanks for the comment on your blog. i love that we are still friends after many many years. we really need to get together soon.

i posted on my blog both tags, enjoy :)

i love being able to keep up with you and your family thru blogs.


Stampin' Meg said...

Mer-I am traversing off topic here- but how did you get the cool OOTF thingie on your side bar-I'd right click but then it wouldn't have it's funstionality?

The Sutton Family said...

I did both tags but not for the award. Just cuz I love you so! Hey...

That looks like a bunny and a chicken...wait, it's a bunch of birds's a bunny and a chicken!

joybear said...

Not playing tag but want to say Hi..and check out the cool blog links you posted.

lissie said...

I posted on my blog both tags, how fun! :) Thanks! :D

harpgirl said...

I'll play :) Both are on my blog

Andrea Amu said...

Chocolate and Coke... you are certainly my friend! :)

I may try to do one of the tags... maybe :)

Natty said...

Thanks Miss!! I did one of them!
Your little facts were very interesting.

ashjoy said...

I did it! Not sure if I did it right, but I think I did.

Rozzella said...


I put both tags on my blog (; I've been a real slacker on my blog, I'm afraid. I enjoy yours, though!!
Rozzella (zenderlee at CX)