Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I Cool or WHAT?

I made this album for my dad for Christmas last year. Designed it all digitally using a kit I purchased and had the book made from Shutterfly. Just wanted to share. *insert grin here.* Digital isn't really my strong suit, and I still design like I'm using paper and forget the cool things you can do digi-wise, (and my drop shadows stink!!!) but I think it turned out o.k.


My marvelous mother, along with her sister and friend, have written 3 books. "Almost Sisters," "Three Tickets to Peoria," and the upcoming "Surprise Packages" compromise the "Company of Good Women" trilogy. My MOM won't even let me read the third book in advance. ANYWAY, despite the maternal snubb, I redesigned the site for their books. It still needs tweaking, because 1) I have an abnormally large computer monitor so things that look fine on my comp are not fine on my mom's, and 2) I need to upload pages with the registered version so there's not this bright blue WEB PAGE MAKER logo on the bottom of every page.

I'm feeling particularly proud of meself because I had no idea really how to do it and figured it out and made it in a day. (Hope it doesn't look like it!)

Ch-ch-check it out at


On a completely and totally unrelated note, I've got a WWYD for you:

First of all, my oldest DD is a GREAT kid. She's kind, respectful, modest, semi-responsible, and just an all around easy-going teenager.

And, she runs track.

Track practice often got her home after five. On Tuesdays, she often would have very little time between track and her church youth activities. (We call it "Young Women.") She runs track in a tank top (with a sports bra underneath, so no strappies showing,) and running shorts with bike shorts underneath, (so no cheekies showing.) One of her leaders also had a jacket she let Bree throw over the tank top.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, AFTER track season, (which means my daughter was normally dressed, in a henley and jeans,) some lady whom she didn't know came up to her and said,

"I guess someone else is working the street corner tonight."

She said this to MY daughter, who, on a 99 degree summer day, REFUSES to wear shorts that don't reach her knee. Her track shorts are the only exception, and, like I said, she wears bike shorts underneath to make sure they're modest.

Lady, who Bree says seemed to "sort of" realize how she sounded, (perhaps because of the dropped jaws of the other adults present,) goes on to say how Bree's dress was distracting the boys and not allowing them to pay attention.

Now: 1) If this lady, or anyone else for that matter, had a problem with Bree's appearance during track season, doesn't it make sense to mention it DURING track season, when she's wearing the outfit and NOT two weeks later when she's not?

2) Even if Bree was a "troubled" child who dressed inappropriately as a matter of course, there is NO situation in which that "lady's" comment was appropriate. She called my daughter a PROSTITUTE. My 15 y.o., won't-listen-to-the-"Shake it"-song or watch-R-movies, made-the-honor-roll daughter.

So, first of all, I REALLY want to know who this person is.

And second, I have no idea what I'll do when I find out.

What's the appropriate lesson? Forgive and forget? Or "Mom won't let anyone treat her children like crap?"

I'm still mad.


Jim said...

I can understand why you are mad. Breanna is as sweet a girl as there is. For someone to say that makes my blood boil too.

Stampin' Meg said...

I would definitely speak with this woman and let her know just how distressing her unkind words were to your daughter and yourself.

Tiffney Anderson said...

Speaking as someone who had a similar experience when she was sixteen, the sting doesn't go away very quick. I only wish I had been half the example of a young woman Bre is.
That is a hard one, Mer. I think it is important to spend more emotion and attention focused on Bre- letting her know that people are just wrong sometimes(like this so called adult), than worrying about the woman who should have swallowed her foot and chewed on her leg! That said, I can't say that I wouldn't want to hunt her down myself. PS Iam excited to check out the web page. I am sure it is great.

joybear said...

(((HUGS))) to Bree.
The site looks awesome GREAT JOB...and I LOVE the photos on the cool!

Jill said...

Wow, I can't believe how people can be. I would definently be mad! Some people just don't think when they talk, then there are those people who just don't know when to shut up! If you know what I mean. I have come across some pretty rude people.

Jim said...

Mer, I forgot to mention how much I love your blog. You are so creative! We all know which parent you got that from, and it wasn't me. My only issue with your blog is that the postings are too infrequent.

Suzanne said...

wow! Needless to say...any parent would be pissed about that comment. I would be really looking for this lady...I mean really looking! She would know my angst in full degree!