Monday, July 07, 2008

I can ride my bike with no handlebars....

Well, I could, until my badonkadonk got too big for the seat.


I've been having a lot of fun lately altering photos. For those of you with Photoshop, there's a fun filter plug-in that's FREE (yes, FREE) called Virtual Photographer from optikVerve labs. Below are some photos that I played around with using some of their different filters:

The last one is my favorite...I have been thinking of pictures I can take this fall that I can use that filter on.

Speaking of filters, for some reason my artistic filters that came with PSE don't work right. (The drawing and painting ones.) Not sure if I messed them up with my plug ins or if they were already messed up. Anyone have a good suggestion for some download ones that do colored pencil, watercolor, etc.? Mine just do this weird green thing.


In other news:

1)Bree goes to EFY next week...and I'm a little clueless as to when and where she's supposed to show up. I guess I should get that figured out.

2)Kids are taking dance this summer, and both of the boys are really interested in tap. The teacher is thrilled with them because they keep their knees bent and seem to have a knack for it. She even said she thinks that they'd do well in competition. Sometimes I think she's one of those teachers that tries to make you think your kids are the next hot thing so you'll keep them at the school. *wink*

She's already got a partner picked out for Josh for couple's competitions (cute little girl named Jen) and keeps telling me to save up now because they'll need tap shoes and jazz shoes (when they grow out of the ones they have), not to mention costumes and our monthly fee. The school rates are actually really reasonable, and she's giving me a HUGE break on the boys tuition, but it is still adding up like crazy. (Costumes for the 3 kids this year were 200 + and that's not counting the shoes.) The kids love it, so I'm happy, but BOY, did I not think this thing all the way through.

3)Speaking of dance, I have pictures of the kids that the studio did and they are dang cute. I'll have to photo them or scan them and post later.

4) Bree went to her first summer XC practice today. She's so funny, because I think she actually does enjoy it but she really doesn't WANT to enjoy it. She pouts and moans and complains, but says she misses running when she doesn't have practice. If we can somehow get an attitude adjustment, I think she'll find she can do much better than she's currently doing. I think she needs to get her "head in the game." (She'll kill me for that quote, since she attends THE East High School of "High School Musical" fame, and had to endure trying to go to school while they filmed the third one-- she despises EVERYTHING remotely related to it.)

5) Poor Ike woke up all stuffed up today with puffy eyes. All of my kids look like their dad's side of the family, except Ike, who looks so very much like my brother Nick. Poor kid also inherited Nick's ezcema, Becky's allergies, and my nearsightedness. I get ONE kid out of four that resembles me at all and he also inherits all the crap my side has. I guess I should be gratefull the rest take more after the Watson side.

That's it for today. I've got to try to get some laundry done before I head off to work later. Thanks for stopping by. :)


Stampin' Meg said...

I saw your post on CX about the filters-I have tried them before. Your samples here are just awesome,Mer.

Chris said...

Sounds like you are having a busy summer! Yeah for your daughter who does X-Country! I did XC when I was in HS and a year in college and I really miss is (and the body that I got from it...ugh..what happened to it..Oh yeah...5 KIDS!)

Jill said...

Hey, wow I love the pictures. Hey sorry, I have been meaning to leave you a comment, but you know how things get crazy. I need your number. Then next time I come up that way, I can call you. Melissa said at the reunion she would like to get together, so mabey I can plan a trip up there and we can all get together.

Suzanne said...

Wow! Busy woman. Those pictures are awesome! I have to check that website out. I don't play with my PSE nearly as much as I should. I have been thinking of some pics I could either dig up for ya ...or just take to let ya play!