Saturday, June 17, 2006

Everyone knows I'm in over my head...

Ever feel that way? I do.

So...what's new on the homefront?

My mom has published a book! It's called "Almost Sisters" and it's published by Deseret Book. It's a collaboration between her, her sister Carroll, and her friend Lael. It's intended to be the first book of a trilogy...and my mom et al. are madly working on the second installment.

It's a great book...can't wait to see what happens in book 2. I made postcards for a book signing they are holding in my mom's backyard this week. Hope there is a great turnout!

Gearing up for another CHA...Sonburn is coming out with some Christmas stuff...can't wait to see it. I'll be sad if this is my last trade show (most probably will be) but it's in Chicago and I'm really excited about it.

Things I must DO:

Mail the @#%^$#@% circle journals again. I mailed them (months late) only to have the silly things come BACK because I screwed up the address somehow. And here they are, waiting for a new box to get sent back out. I need to put them somewhere in my line of sight so they don't get put out of my mind! I am NEVER again doing one if these, I am just not anal enough.

Do some LO's for a manufacturer I heard may have some openings. They aren't cutting edge style wise, but--neither am I so I might as well try, right?

Clean my @#$@#$ house. It is SO hard to keep a 3 bedroom house tidy when six people are living in it. Not to mention the 15 year accumulation of crap to go with it. Just thinking about it puts me in a foul mood.

Finish getting things organized down in Primary. I'm making some changes that I hope will make things run more smoothly. Still looking for a chorister and a scout leader...and I really want my secretary to work out but so far she hasn't made it to one meeting. It's all still new so I'm going to try to see if it will be ok...but I really need someone there I can depend on. I'm a weird type of person...inside I really want to be organized and I'm kind of anal about it, but I have a hard time actually doing I delegate!!! And I need dependable people to delegate to.

OK....I really really will try to keep up on this better...if for no other reason than to do some journaling for myself.

Everyone knows I'm in over my head....

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