Friday, April 07, 2006

*Sigh* KIDS!

Well...I really want to know. WHY do kids decide they absolutely need your attention at the most inconvenient times?

Today after work I decided to take a shower (having my annual girly doctor appt today and really needing to shave my legs :D ). Well, at our house unless you turn the water on for a while first, you will end up with lukewarm water. I totally lost time while surfing and decided that I'd better jump in the shower without the prerequisite warm up period.

K-ya have to understand, I have not shaved these legs in TWO WEEKS. (It's winter and I'm married. Totally didn't feel the need.)

So, needless to say, it was an involved process. :D :D

Now here, where I live, it SNOWED 2 days ago. We keep our house at a nice and chilly 65 degrees during the day so that we can afford to eat.

I get in the shower...lukewarm water...and am trying to de-fuzz myself as quickly as I can before I get goosebumps and totally cut my legs up...

AND MY KIDS KEEP YELLING AT ME through the bathroom door.

"Moooooom, Josh keeps hitting me over the head with a PILLOW!"


"THIS pillow! He keeps hitting me and he won't stop!"

Me: "Well, he's obviously stopped NOW because YOU are holding the PILLOW."

"But MOOOOMmmmmmm"

This whole conversation is carried out with the bathroom door open and the cold air coming in to add to my luke warm shower.

Two minutes later:

"Moommmmm. Isaac won't let Sadie use the playstation!!!"

Me: Did you hit your brother over the head with a pillow?


"Well, he was really BUGGING me and I told him to stop and he WOULDN'T"

I am REALLY COLD. Get OUT of the bathroom and CLOSE the DOOR!

30 seconds later: MOMMMMMMMMM....

At that point I yelled (yes, yelled) at my kids to shut the bathroom door and to let me take my shower without freezing to death.

When I got out of the shower, Sadie says, "Mommy, you mean."


One of these days I am going to take a picture of these boys fighting with eachother and scrap it.

Because, someday, they will be on the phone or in the shower and hear, "Daaaaddddddd...."

And I want them to know that they started it.

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