Tuesday, August 22, 2006

*read* all about it

I'm a bad blogger. But since no one is hanging on my every word, I have to pressure to perform.

Saw this on 2peas today...thought I'd use it:

1. The Book That Changed My Life - The first book I ever read that made me realize I was part of something bigger than myself was "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. K- it's not original or anything, but it was kind of an eye opener for a kid who had up until then read mostly Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. I have a special place in my heart for that book.

2. A Book I've Read More Than Once-I laughed at this one, just because I ALMOST ALWAYS read books more than once, due to the fact that the first time through I sort of rush it so I can find out what happens. Then, I have to go back again and take my time. Also, I'm terrible about returning books to the library, so I usually buy the books I read instead....and since I can't ALWAYS be buying books, but ALWAYS have to be reading something, I re-read the books I have.

3. A Book I'd Want With Me on a Desert Island-Good question. UMMM...ok, I'd want my bible and bom with me. BUT, if I could take something frivolous too...Treason by Orson Scott Card. Just because I like it and it's interesting to me.

4. A Book That Made Me Laugh-Big Trouble by Dave Barry. It made me laugh out loud! I tried to read it out loud to dh...and then realized how much profanity it had. I guess it's one of those things that's funnier in my head. :D

5. A Book That Made Me Cry-Don't laugh...but I cried when Dumbledore died. Yup. I'm a baby like that.

6. A Book I Wish Had Been Written-Have I ever said that in some alternate universe I am a writer? I had some success with it in high school and college, but no drive to pursue it. So, the book I wish had been written is the one I know is somewhere in my head.

7. A Book I Wish Had Never Been Written-Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler. Vicious racist propoganda that showed how truly sick and twisted he was.

8. A Book I Am Currently Reading-I just finished Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. It was ok (borrowed it from my son cause I was bored.) Before that I read Magic Street by Orson Scott Card....LOVED IT!

9. A Book I Am Meaning To Read-I have this list of 1001 books I should read before I die. I'm going to have to go pay off my library fines and try it.

10. My favorite book of all time-OH wow. I just love books. I love just about everything OSC has written, and I'm also a huge fan of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I just can't narrow it down.

Well, my reading habits aren't all that intellectual or politically interesting, but it is what it is. TTFN


alex said...
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Lisa Peppers said...

You have been nominated as a Rockin Girl Blogger. ( Like me you struggle to post much, but you still make an effort to post at some point! ;D Love you Mer) Check out the details for this on my blog. Thanks for inspiring me with you pages here on the blog!