Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back in the saddle again....

After 4 days of staring at a monitor that had gone all *wonky*, I'm relieved to say that I can actually see again. Old monitor finally gave up the ghost...and retired kicking and screaming while flashing screens of neon blue. Dear dh was able to bring one home from work that is working nicely. Now I can surf without a headache...

My baby is sick again...feverish, occasional vomiting, and boogers of bright yellow. It doesn't keep her down though! As long as the fever is medicated, she's her usual bouncy self...if much more squawky and onery than usual. Can't keep a good kid down.

Some of my digital papers are going to be in the free ScrapStreet Digi kit for February. I really like them! I also was so proud of myself...I made a "metal" hinge from scratch. I'd really LOVE to do more designing...but I keep hearing I *need* adobe illustrator and a WACOM. So...I'll just tinker for now.

CHA is rapidly coming up...and I'm still waiting for paper to distribute to my designers. It should be here any day now...can't wait to play! I'm super excited for CHA too, but am having a HARD time fighting this feeling of inadequacy I have. Why can't I just relax and have fun?

Thursday night, I submitted about 4 LO's to ST...that I REALLY liked. I felt I had a decent chance of having at least ONE picked up. (They all have recieved really positive response when I have posted them.) The deadline wasn't until the 16, but I saw toots for it FRIDAY on the veggie board. So...probably too little too late again. It's frustrating though, submitting with *theoretically* 3 days until the deadline...and finding out they'd already decided and probably didn't even LOOK at my submissions. Am I ever gonna catch a break?

Interesting discussion on Pink Martini Designs...about manufacturer DT's and layout styles. Do manufacturers want the latest style (currently art journal---which I LOVE, but does not reflect the majority of scrappers OR focus on showcasing product, imo) or do they want solid, good looking lo's with lots of product that the average scrapper feels they could duplicate (if not come up with on their own.) I hope somebody reads this, cause I'd really like to know what you think.

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