Thursday, August 07, 2008

Optimistic or sadistic?

So I decided to try for the CX DT. Again.

Maybe the FOURTH time's the charm. ;)

These are some layouts done with some of the pics from the 24th of July. I need to quickly do a layout for Josh...I think he's feeling left out.


I read Breaking Dawn. I still think Jacob is hotter than Edward. In my mind, anyway. I hope the Twilight movie is good.


School starts in a couple of weeks. It's the last year of elementary for! Where did the time go? Sadie will be in kindergarten...and I'm all torn up. I will really miss seeing her little face in the halls of the preschool and enjoying her quick hugs or watching her make new friends. Bree will be a sophmore! and will be taking DRIVER'S ED!

*aside* So...I didn't want Bree's first time behind the wheel to be in Driver's Ed...because, how embarrasing, right?

Well, my SMART, BRIGHT, INTELLIGENT a total spaz behind the wheel. She's been bugging me to let her go get her learner's permit. I don't have a problem with soon as she demonstrates that she knows enough to pass the test. I don't want to wait in the lines at the DMV for nothin'.

So, anyway, I pull into a large, deserted church parking lot, put the car in park, and tell her to slide over.

The chick FREAKS out.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh...I'm gonna crash the car, Mom!"

I believe her since she doesn't know to push the brake as we creep closer to a fence.

Here's me: "Brake, Breanna. Push the brake. The brake. Push. the. brake. THE BRAKE!"

Bree: "You're freaking me OUT, mom!"

She hits the brake and I almost hit the dash. Apparently she can't get the hang of driving with one foot, so she's got one on the gas when she hits the brake.

After a minute we get the steering thing down. It's good as long as we don't put on any gas. So we're doing figure 8's at..oh, 3 m.p.h.

She starts to give it a little more gas and there's giggling and freaking and hands MOVING OFF the STEERING WHEEL. She's learning to stop...but still is using both feet.

I let her 3 m.p.h....down two empty streets to our house. As we head down one street, we see it's blocked by a big dump truck.

WHoo hooo! Three point turn! Score!

I have to help take the wheel,''s a THREE POINT TURN.

That's got to be, like, 3rd time behind the wheel material or something.

Anyway, we make it home. I think I was remarkable calm and unjudgemental, Bree swears that I was nervous and that's what made her all...loopy.

Yeah. This year's gonna



joybear said...

I really do think 4th time will be a charm for you..your layouts are OUTSTANDING!!! But wishing you luck just in case!!
LOL at the drive home...I really do feel for you...we have 2 that just got their permits. Scary times!!!! Glad she made it safely!

Jim said...

It's like I've been saying, before you know it Bre will have graduated from college, be married and you will be a GRANDMOTHER!

Fun stuff! Keep it coming.

alecia*grimm said...

Great layouts!! SO bright & fun! ANd the driving story is hilarious! Been there .... doing that too, LOL> Also, thanks for the congrats on the new Baby. We are really so excited! Did you do CHA last month?


Mer, you will be doing all of our family albums. What is your cost?

Marcie said...

Your layouts are fabulous! I'm so impressed! And total lol at the driving story! I can laugh now, because here kids get their licenses when they are 15! So my 14 year old will start driver's ed in November, and then it will be my turn...

It was great to see you at the reunion! I hope we can keep in touch!

wendyp said...

Your layouts are awesome!!!! I totally expect to see your name on that list. Good luck!

LOL@ the driving practice. Definitely not looking forward to that.

Suzanne said...

girl, if you don't make it, I'LL be pissed! Those layouts are absolutely amazing! I'm cracking up at the driving session! Have fun with that!!! LOL

Melanie said...

A little late here but CONGRATS ON THE CX DT!!! Sooo looking forward to working with you!