Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drama Drama Drama

No, this thread isn't about my teenage daughter.

Though it could be.

She is quite dramatic.

No, THIS thread is all about the drama in the scrapbook "industry."

Typing the word "industry" makes me cringe a little. It makes Scrapbooking sound like Microsoft.

Or something.

Anyway...there has been MUCH drama abounding lately.

To sum up:

1) It is extremely stupid to hold a "contest" (and I'm using this word lightly) and not check your entries for compliance to your own contest rules. Creating Keepsakes, (if you're listening, which I doubt, because I have a very firm mental picture of y'all with your fingers in your ears and your eyes squinshed shut chanting "I can't heeeeaaarrr you!"), you can't post contest rules, clearly DETAIL those rules in a public forum, and then chose to ignore them when it suits your purpose. Much drama will ensue. (See? Drama. The running theme here.)

2) It is impossible to take a picture of yourself on a river run from the shore while being buffetted down rapids going at a hearty clip. Especially if both hands are on your oar. Especially if it's in the exact same spot that the professional hired photographer takes her pictures. Especially if the mad photoshop skills it would take to blend a series of blurry, imperfect photographs aren't sufficient to erase a few pounds and clone out a moustache. Positing such an implausible scenario will cause much detective work and endless drama. And if the drama gets to be too much, don't storm out in a blaze of glory claiming that you were misconstrued. It won't work. It will just cause MORE drama.

3) It is a bad idea to manage a message board and violate your own rules. Especially if your board has a "glitch" that allows people to see your potty mouth. Especially if it also allows people to read you possibly handing out personal member information. There will be ...you guessed it...drama. People will dramatically email your boss. Your boss will have to post on your board trying to appease the dramatic and angered masses. And I'm guessing he'll be none to pleased about it.

This is the scrapbooking "industry." It is NOT "scrapbooking." When did scrapbooking start becoming "These are the Days of our Acid-Free Lives?"

Sigh. I remember when we cut out photo mats with fancy sissors, sneezed some stickers around them and called it a day. HOF was the shirtless dude on Baywatch and smack was something you did with your lips after you ate something tasty.

Those were the days.


Stampin' Meg said...

LOL HOF and smack!

Fink said...

I am not to sure of the problems that occured but it sure sounds like it was a major problem!

Suzanne said...

lol...like that last little paragraph! funny, but true!

NikkiH said...

LOL to funny! Love your wit, there sure has been some crazy drama lately with all this.

~Nancy~ said...

First of all.. thank you so much for stopping by at my blog! So glad to have found yours this way too!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!