Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ok...I'd like to share with you some little tidbits of wisdom I have gleaned from my children and from the children I teach. Pay close attention....there will be a test.

My dd while watching a nursing mother: "My mom has some of those, but she doesn't use them any more!"

A preschooler watching me do jumping jacks: "My mom says that I won't get big boobs until I'm OLDER!"

A preschooler after being told about the nativity: "I already know that! We have the movie."

A little guy digging in the sand near me today: "I can't tell you what I'm's a LOOONG story. *pause* I'm making nothing."

A little guy after I had eaten some onions: "Miss Meridith, WHAT did you HAVE for LUNCH?"

My dd after I slipped on the stairs and told her I lost my balance: "That's ok, mommy, I'll help you find it."

Me at the doctor's office yesterday with my sons: "K, guys, they're going to check your peepers." DS (looking horrified) "MOM! Don't say that." Me (confused) *pause* *think* "Your EYES, Isaac, your EYES."

Kids crack me up. I never know what's going to come out of their mouths.

Maybe I identify with them. :D


Fink said...

I hear ya! They do say the darnest things

Tannis said...

Thanks for the smile!

Andrea Amu said...

I my lordy!
Kids are just the best!
Love these!

Suzanne said...

HAHAHA!!! that's waaaay too funny! Kids are so pure in the funniest of ways! gotta love 'em!

Peggy Severins said...

That is just so funny, kids are always funny :)

Chris said...


Aleta1314 said...

too too funny :D